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ASD impacts all aspects of life for those diagnosed and their families and varies greatly from person to person.  As autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction, communication skills, and cognitive function, individuals on the spectrum often struggle to communicate with others and can become alienated or separated from society. 

During childhood and adolescence there are a variety of programs and services for individuals with high cognitive ASD and their families. These programs and services can be of tremendous help and value to the participants and can drive great improvements in the lives of the individuals and families that participate.

However, difficulty transitioning into adulthood is compounded by multiple challenges that are unique to the disorder. The funding and availability of services and support disappear almost entirely when individuals reach the age of 18, regardless of the continued need for them. Individuals with high cognitive ASD have gifts and intellect to offer to the world around them, and giving them a place to thrive will allow them to enrich their lives and make meaningful connections.

The Common Room's vision is for every individual with high cognitive Autism Spectrum Disorder to know that there is a place in which they belong. A place that is the heart of a caring and inclusive community, that they can be a part of in a safe, comfortable environment. A place where they can go to combat the sense of loneliness and isolation, and that can be the hub for a wide variety of experiences that are enriching, interesting, and enjoyable.

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Our organization runs event programming that ranges from computer programming classes to cooking classes to guest speakers, and more. We are always looking for volunteer instructors to help lead these events.

Additionally, we always need operational support for things like accounting, website updates, and marketing.

Please follow the links below to inquire about volunteering.

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