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Climate and Code of Conduct

The Common Room strives to have a welcoming and safe environment for all participants.  A place where all members and staff feel connected, comfortable and a respected part of the community.  All Common Room participants must agree to abide by the universal Climate and Code of Conduct.  

Upon membership acceptance, each member is provided a handbook detailing policies and procedures, and asked to sign agreement to abide by them.  

The Common Room asks that all members and staff commit to:

  • Help to keep The Common Room a positive, interesting and engaging place to be.

  • Strive to be civil and respectful in all interactions.

  • Be patient with others, and at times agree to disagree politely.

  • Respect the diversity of ideas, thoughts and opinions all members and staff bring to our community.

  • Respect personal space, boundaries and property of other members, staff and The Common Room.

  • Help to keep shared space clean and safe for all.

  • Respect and keep confidential any and all personal information shared with you by another participant.

  • Respect the scheduled time, fees and organization that are required to participate in each activity.

  • Refrain from acts of verbal, mental or physical aggression and harassment.

  • Report to Administrative staff immediately if they or anyone else experiences threatening or concerning behavior from another.

All rules of conduct listed above as well as those of confidentiality, apply to all members of The Common Room community.  Personal information is only shared when required by law, in case of an emergency or by individuals themselves.

We appreciate your time and effort to help keep The Common Room a place where all members and staff feel at home.

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