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The Common Room is a club that creates places and experiences that connect young adults from all backgrounds with high cognitive Autism Spectrum Disorder and similar social profiles to people, places, and communities that enrich their lives, and enhance the interactions they have with others.

A diverse group of three people engaging in friendly conversation
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Boston Parents Paper: Family Favorite 2022, Top 5 Award Winner badge


We are excited to announce The Common Room, a new club for young adults with high-cognitive autism and similar profiles - a warm and welcoming space where they can feel comfortable, make new connections, and take part in fun and enriching experiences!



A place to be ourselves

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Creative Arts

Experience artistic opportunities based on the interests of club members. For example, cartooning, painting, drawing, writing, and cooking

paint and art supplies laid out on a table with paint smears


Experience exercise, yoga, meditation and other activities based on club member interests

Media and Tech

Experience music, movies, gaming and computers

an individual playing a video game, while wearing a gaming headset with RGB lighting

Hang Out Space

Experience a relaxed setting with comfy couches where one can be themselves

two people playing a game of tabletop foosball

Sample Outside Experiences

These experiences are tailored to the interests of our members

Movie Nights

Comedy Nights



Sports Events

Pottery Night

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Home: Contact

Inquire about joining The Common Room

Thank you for your interest in The Common Room! In preparation for our clubhouse opening this Fall 2023, we are TEMPORARILY pausing our application process as of September 1, 2023.  Beginning October 15, 2023, we will again be processing applications.  We will however be available to answer any and all inquiries during this time. We look forward to talking with you!

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